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10 Reasons You Need A Satin Pillowcase

We’re taking Beauty Sleep to the next level this year by changing or adding small luxuries that will help our beauty routine effectively. There is something about the small luxuries in life that can bring the greatest joy or happiness. The luxury we are talking about today is satin pillowcases. If you’ve been in the treatment room with me then you know I am a big advocate for 8 hours of sleep and satin pillowcases. When I switched over 4 years ago from cotton to satin- I felt and also saw a change in not just my skin but also my sleep pattern. I have been switching all my clients over and they love it.

Check out the reasons you need a Satin pillowcase and Shop Now.

When we decided to add more products to the spa we knew having satin pillowcases would benefit our clients.

Why You Need A Satin Pillowcase?

  1. Feels Great To Sleep On

  2. Allows the Skin To Breathe

  3. Helps Retain Lash Extensions

  4. Prevents Hair Loss

  5. Helps Retain Brows

  6. Reduces Hair Breakage

  7. Prevents Wrinkles

  8. Hypoallergenic

  9. Less Expensive than Silk

  10. Cooling Effect for a Better Sleep

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