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5 Things I Do To Get Rid Of A Pimple

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Ok, let’s get to it! People assume that because we’re licensed estheticians or skin specialists we don’t get pimples or breakouts. That’s bullshit…we just analyze our skin very well and know what products and services work and which ones don’t. As much as I work on my skin I still get a little breakout and pimple at least every month. But instead of freaking the fuck out like I used to, I developed a strategy that helps me 1. Understand it’s just a pimple and 2. How to get rid of the little motherfucker(s) without causing any damage to my barrier. Here are my go-to’s.


This may be the hardest thing to do, but trust me I know because I am a picker at heart. But the best thing you can do is to not touch it. If you do, it can cause you to get germs and bacteria into the pore which can cause more breakouts and lead to more inflammation. Have you ever noticed when you touch a pimple it gets BIGGER? Yeah, that means leave it alone.

2. Use an Acid-Based Cleanser

Next up, I will use an acid-based cleanser to help break down the dirt and oil that is causing the pimple or breakouts. These are my top 2 favorite acid-based cleansers, Skin Script Raspberry Refining Cleanser and Urban Skin Rx Clear Skin Cleansing Bar ( Use Code: GLOWGOALSLUXURYSPA15OFF) I will use one of these cleansers of my choice for at least two weeks until I see the breakout begin to calm down and then go back to my regular cleanser.

3. ICE IT!

I love using ice to calm down the inflammation from a pimple! After I finish cleansing my skin in the morning and at night I use ice on the area for up to 2 mins to calm the area. My favorite ice products to use are my favorite ice roller here or you can literally put ice in a plastic baggy and massage the area! Ta-da.

4. Use a Pimple Patch

Im going to be real and let you all know I was late…hella late to the pimple patch community. Mainly because my pimples don’t linger and I already developed a way to get rid of them. But I started using the Lets Fazit pimple patches and was wildly impressed! Not just because they were able to get the extra gunk out in just 6 hours but because it was a great alternative to extracting the little assholes. I also love them because they keep you from touching the pimple and aren’t too irritating to the skin.

5. Get Facials

There’s nothing better than seeing a professional when you’re having a breakout or developed a new skin concern. Receiving a facial will allow your esthie bestie to determine your skin type at the moment and find a solution for your skin concerns and what products will be best for your skin. This can also include advanced modalities such as enzyme treatments, chemical peels, microneedle treatments, or LED light therapy. My favorite facial for breakouts is the acne facial because we use a low-level acid-based cleanser to deep clean, an advanced exfoliation method, and some LED light therapy to digest the dead skin cells and clear up congestion. Facials can also be helpful to destress the skin for a more healthy barrier.

Use these steps to help reduce the appearance of breakouts and keep them from forming in the first place. Book your facial or virtual consultation here.


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