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An Editors Self-Care Guide for the Holidays

As we all know the Holidays can feel very overwhelming with all the things we have to do and it always seems to creep up fast on us. Between managing your career, home life, kids if you have them, the many many Holiday engagements, and buying gifts, where do the self-care time come in? I always seem to get so wrapped up in the Holiday guilt because it should be about everyone else…not about myself. However, I am turning over a new leaf this year and putting the emphasis on SELF in self-care. Here are some things I am implementing into my routine this holiday season to bring season joy and GLOW

Here are some must-buy essentials from various brands that are helping to curate an amazing and unwinding holiday experience. Make sure to use the codes to get money off

Opositive: PMS Gummy Vitamin

I don't know about you, but I always feel my period wants to come on whenever I have a special occasion…like meeting my boyfriend's entire family for Christmas dinner- never fails. Like always my period is always accompanied by severe cramping, back pains, bloating, and mood swings, and we can’t forget about that wonder period pimple. This year I am going into attack mode and will be doing everything I can to prevent these side effects which includes using the Opositive FLO PMS Gummy. These gummies help with all of these side effects with plant-based ingredients and most importantly they don’t taste horrible. I take 2 a day, every day, and have already felt so much better on my period. Use code Brandi-20 for 20% Off

Fenty Savage: Going Platinum Lounge Robe

There’s nothing better than coming home from work, doing your skincare routine, and throwing on your favorite cozy and sexy robe to initiate a comfy evening on the couch wrapping presents. Not only do I want a robe that is comfortable, but I also love a robe that makes me feel sexy and looks good on me. I picked up this one beautiful robe from Fenty Savage not only do I love the color (on brand) I love the chiffon fabric that wraps around my body and makes me feel like a Goddess.

Papier: Wellness Journal

Writing is a way for me to open up and reflect on my thoughts and feelings, it is also a way for me to organize my thoughts and share my next steps. I purchased this wellness journal to assist me with my feelings and work through them. I also love this journal because it encourages me to create meaningful habits and set feel-good goals for myself. During the Holidays you can’t always say what you feel but you can write it down. This may be a great habit you can incorporate into your New Year Goals. Check it out.

Glow Goals Luxury Spa: Spa Day

Being pampered in midst of the Holidays is almost always number 1 for me. Being in an undisturbed environment with my phone on DND and receiving relaxing and result-driven services are top priorities. Even with owning a spa, it can be difficult to find time to pamper me or give myself the experience I give to my clients-especially when I am running the place. However, this year I am treating myself to the Glow Goals Luxury Spa experience with a lash extension set, enzyme facial, brow tint, and full body treatment. New Year…New GLOW✨

With these you are geared up to GLOW and have a stress-free relaxing Holiday.

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