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✨Bobbi's Glow Goals for 2023✨

Here we are entering into a New Year- with new hopes, fears, successes, challenges, eagerness, and excitement. Even though Bobbi and I are twin sisters and work together we rarely get to chat about our individual goals and plans we have. I get so excited to hear what she’s looking forward to and her goals because most times they are different from mine. And as imagined- they are. Read below to see what Bobbi’s GLOW GOALS are for 2023.

What is the one thing you are proud of that you accomplished in 2022?

Bobbi-“Im pretty sure we have the same answer to this question…my biggest accomplishment is expanding our business. I think because of where we came from our little 500sqft space now turned into an almost 3,000sqft space and pulled it off during a pandemic-I sometimes can’t even believe this is real. I am still on cloud 9.”

What is one personal goal for 2023?

“Definitely being able to juggle being a full-time entrepreneur, personal life, and my well-being. This year I started implementing strategies to help me feel more well-rounded but in 2023 I want to further execute it. I want to be able to celebrate and enjoy the moments while balancing all of these amazing things happening in my life.”

What is something you’re looking forward to this year?

“I am looking forward to having more fun. I think being a full-time entrepreneur can sometimes make you feel like you do not have enough time to do things that you really want to do- like take a day trip, go to your favorite restaurant, or spend the day with your family without feeling guilty about not working. I want to be able to have boundaries and balance while accomplishing all of my goals.”

"I am looking forward to getting back into teaching this year. If you’re a lash artist stay tuned because we will have classes coming up soon.”

What are your career Goals for 2023?

“Woah-this is a loaded question. During COVID I realized I had a passion and love for teaching. I enjoyed so much having students come and being able to teach them how to perform and perfect their lash techniques. Since the grand re-opening of our 2nd location, I haven’t gotten a chance to teach as often as I would like but I am looking forward to getting back into teaching this year. If you’re a lash artist stay tuned because we will have classes coming up soon.”

What is a lash trend you’re looking forward to in 2023?

“ As always I love learning new techniques and new lash styles to further enhance my client’s eyes. But there are some fun lash trends that I am looking forward to learning and possibly offering at Glow Goals. The first is lash colors- I think the excitement of having a splash of color is so fun but I am working on my techniques to make the color appear fun and settle. Also, just having NEW lash styles- like the spidery lash trend, half lash eye trend, and bottom lash trends. I love trying these out on my clients to continue to work on my creativity with lash extensions.”

What’s one FUN thing you want to do this year?

“I want to take more vacations. Now since COVID has kind of subsided I want to be able to travel again. Before COVID we went on at least one out-of-country vacation a year and it was so exciting to look forward to. I want to bring that back! Even smaller trips, like a road trip we just did, that were fun- I just want more and different experiences. I am looking forward to it.”

This was fun! I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my GLOW goals for 2023! I want to hear yours. Comment below your GLOW GOALS.

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