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Brandi’s Glow Goals for 2023

2022 feels like it flew by! It was around this time last year that we signed the lease on our NEW location! I literally remember all the excitement, fear, and gratitude that I felt around that time. Now- we are here, heading into 2023 and I sit back and reflect on all the things that I have accomplished this year and some of the GOALS I plan to execute in 2023. Check out my GLOW GOALS below!

What is the one thing you are proud of that you accomplished in 2022?

I am most proud of opening our new location and pushing through the challenges that it had. I am so proud that even with those challenges I never gave up. Opening up a more prominent spa location was very scary but it was incredibly worthwhile. It allowed me to work through difficult times and be more creative.

What is one personal goal for 2023?

I want to feel more confident in my body. During COVID I gained the most weight ever and it has really started to affect my self-confidence in how I feel. I plan on making better food choices and being more active to hopefully get me to my body goal (not weight goal). I want to really feel beautiful-not just look it.

"This year I am so excited to enter my GLAM year."

What is something you’re looking forward to this year?

This year I am so excited to enter my GLAM year. This last year I was very minimalist, didn’t wear make-up, and didn’t buy many clothes because of my weight gain; but this year I want all that to change. I want to feel and look good this year. Wear makeup if I want, dress up in heels to work if I want, take time to take spontaneous relaxing and luxurious trips, and just feel full glam! This is my year to do just that.

What Skin Trends are you excited about in 2023?

The skin trends that are exciting to me are anything ANTI-AGING! I will be heading into my 30's soon and I am looking forward to feeling and looking as youthful as possible. This means I will be trying out all products and modalities that will have me looking 25 forever!

What are your career Goals for 2023?

I have a few career goals that I would like to accomplish for 2023. The first thing is adding a NEW product to B3 body and skin - this product will be unisex and geared towards the body. This year, because I have been so focused on my own body care- adding the same ingredients I use on my face on my body will allow me to have the same results! It may be a body cream, scrub, or oil. Want to know more? Make sure you subscribe to our website.

Another career goal is to identify me as a leader in the skincare industry. I want to be known for my information, results, knowledge, and eagerness to change how we view skincare and make skincare and facials a necessity not just a luxury.

And lastly, I want to feel more confident with brow services. As you know, we added brow shaping and tinting in May of 2022 and I have been taking my time getting familiar with my techniques but this year I want to solidify and master them.

What’s one FUN thing you want to do this year?

One thing I am eager to do this upcoming year is travel more! Rather it is domestic or internationally-I want to spend time being inspired by different places, people, and things. I want to use my time to take a trip every couple of months to keep me on my toes and bring some excitement to my year!

I love how every New Year we have this urge to do NEW things, work on our fears, complete challenges, and knock things off our goal list. I hope that along with all the things we plan to do this year that the one thing we do is make ourselves HAPPY and LOVE ourselves!

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