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Pilates for the Face- At Home Devices You Need RN

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I restarted my fitness journey-I started doing pilates (again) and have been obsessed with my results; my shape is more defined, I am more toned, and I feel more radiant and youthful because of the flexibility. And of course, Im thinking…I need the same results for my face, as this year I am more concerned about aging and preventing wrinkles and fine lines. Honestly, I was never into gusha tools or devices - I think mainly because I didn’t know how to use them. But then I thought, if I can work out my body I must be able to work out my face too and get a more defined and toned appearance. I decided to research tools that I could use at home during my skincare routine and test them out to see results and I am glad I did.

This brings me to my new favorite skincare devices that have been helping me keep my face looking toned and sculpted. Im all about working smarter-not harder. Here are my favorite devices that you can also find on our website.

Mini Sculpt Massaging Beauty Device
Mini Sculpt Massaging Beauty Tool ($15)

This tool is designed entirely to sculpt the face. This device is shaped as a V with two balls at the end to provide a deep kneading movement along the face. This kneading movement is significant because it helps to reduce muscle tightness and helps to improve blood flow. The device V shape is designed to help contour the face and start lymphatic drainage and improve skin elasticity. I also started using it under my eyes to support undereye bags and dark circles.

Germanium Wand Lifting Tool
Germanium Wand Lifting Tool ($40)

The key to understanding and really appreciating this tool is to know what germanium is and why the stones are vital to skin care. This tool has massaging germanium stones that help to revitalize the skin, reduce puffiness, and improve skin elasticity, but the kicker is that the stones can help balance the body’s bioelectric current. This basically means that throughout our day we are in contact with harmful ions from using our phones, computers, electronics, and ultraviolet rays. The stones have negative-charge ions that help balance the harmful ions for beautiful and radiant skin.

Ice Roller

The ice roller is one of the most fun as well as practical and versatile tools. I love using an ice roller (especially in the morning) because it wakes my skin up. The coldness helps to calm inflammation, reduce redness, and assist with depuffing my eyes. Not only do I enjoy using it because it feels great on my skin- I love using an ice roller when I have a pimple because it helps to soothe irritation. Oh and let’s not forget it helps to tighten the skin!

Each of these tools shares an important role in my skincare regimen and allows me to see the results I am looking for in my skincare routine. These products can be purchased on our website for 10% off. Use code “Uglow”.

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