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This is the Facial for your Concern.

We get this question so often…what facial should I book? I always tell everyone it depends on your skin concerns, rather it is acne, dark spots, aging, dryness, oiliness, uneven texture, or anything else THERE IS a solution. Below are the concerns and the facial or upgrades you should get based on those concerns!

Skin Concern




Acne Facial/Chemical Peel

  • Detoxifies and Extracts

Dark Spots

Hyperpigmentation Facial

  • Lifts pigment with brighteners/ LED light therapy


​Anti-aging Facial

  • ​Slows down and prevents aging process



  • Adds hydration and moisture



  • Balances pH and reduces pore size

Uneven Texture

Enzyme Treatment Facial/Microneedle Facial

  • Exfoliates and evens out skin texture

Alongside the facials, there is a range of add-ons we can include and incorporate into the service. These include microdermabrasion, enzyme treatments, microneedle treatments, LED light therapy, jelly masks, and cryotherapy.

Here is a Glow-cial where we are working on Hydration and Hyperpigmentation. We upgraded to an Intensive Aftercare Jelly Mask to calm inflammation and Red and Blue LED light to work on hyperpigmentation.

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