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Top 10 Beauty Trends for 2023

We've been keeping our eyes on the hottest products, brands, ingredients, and trends to see what will be happening in 2023. These are our top 10 Beauty Trends we think will be trending in


Chebula- Chebula is an anti-aging ayurvedic herb kicking the doors down in the beauty space.

This ingredient is a power knockout by having many benefits such as preventing and treating anti-aging, moisturizing and brightening the skin, protecting from UVA/UVB rays, as well as softening the skin. This incredible ingredient is proven to be one of the most popular and

beneficial ingredients in skincare. Here is the top product that contains the Chebula ingredient.

2. Men’s Skincare- There’s no denying that men are taking more time to emphasize self-care, including their skincare! Not only are men taking their skin more seriously, but so are brands! Beauty brands are now curating more unique skincare lines with an emphasis on men’s concerns such as ingrown hairs, anti-aging, dryness, oiliness, and overall skin health. We love this “boy joy” regarding skincare and self-care.

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3. Brow Lamination- The brow epidemic is one we WANT TO HAPPEN. Framing the face and

adding more fullness, brow lamination is taking over the beauty industry. Brow lamination is a chemical process that straightens the brow hairs to manipulate the shape and give the brows a fuller look. This latest brow trend allows for unique shapes that include straight and bushy to high-arched and well-manicured.

4. Slugging- The newest TikTok crave which includes slathering an occlusive moisturizer like vaseline (petroleum jelly) all over your face at night to lock in moisture and prevent water loss. This will in return help with adding hydration to your skin and help repair a broken or damaged skin barrier. Here are some products you can use if you want to try!

5. Lash Serum- After wearing face masks for almost 3 years, the eyes are literally the windows to the soul and because of that, we are taking more emphasis on making sure they consistently have that twinkle. Lash serums are becoming a staple in our beauty routine because they are adding emphasis to our everyday beauty routine. Lash serums don’t only aid in hair growth, but they help nourish the eyelashes, elongate the eyelash growth cycle, keep the hair strong, and can help with shedding and breakage. We’ve been using them on our bottom lash for a more whimsical look!

6. Mewing- This one is probably going to take you for a spin! Mewing is a practice that includes

placing your tongue at the top of your mouth to reshape your face. This practice is supposed to reshape your jawline for a more defined and chiseled appearance. The interesting aspect about this is that it’s non-invasive and you do not need a doctor to perform this procedure! Here is an image of mewing before and after.

7. Niacinamide Body Wash- Advanced body care is definitely looking up in 2023! Romancing your body routine and adding more advanced ingredients to give your skin an overall healthy appearance will include a softer, more radiant, and even skin tone. Niacinamide is one of the top ingredients that has been a craze word, Vitamin B3 helps even out skin tone, builds the lipid barrier, and gives the skin an overall healthy appearance. We 100% agree. Here are our top 3 favorites.

8. Collagen Supplements- About 30% of the body is collagen. Collagen supports the strength of our skin and plays a big role in replacing dead skin, as you age collagen produces slower and in return speeds up the aging process. For us to fight that, adding more collagen-rich ingredients to your routine allows for more collagen to be in the skin. Check out my top 3 here!

9. Skin Cycling- We’ve seen it, we’ve heard of it, and we’ve probably even tried it by this time.

Skin cycling is a practice of applying particular ingredients on certain days; more specifically using active ingredients on certain days in your nighttime routine. The purpose of this practice is to help prevent your skin’s barrier from being compromised by initiating “rest days” for your skin! We’ve seen some great results from this practice, here are some products to get you started if you’re interested.

10. Lip Treatments- The phrase “Go big or Go Home” 100% applies to lip treatment! I'm sure we’ve seen or heard of all the next-level lip-plumping treatments, thanks to Fenty Beauty…but now we’re taking it a step further and giving our lips a little TLC (especially in these drier months). Add a lip treatment such as a lip scrub, a lip moisturizer, and a lip booster. Check these out!

Comment below and tell us if you have any products or brands that will be trending in 2023!

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