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Top 10 Holiday Gifts To Give a GLOW

If you're anything like us, you know how hard it is to find the "perfect" gift of giving that

leaves an impression but also a GLOW! No matter his or her personality, style, or favorite color.....everyone wants the BEST GLOWING PRODUCTS to leave her skin looking refreshed, healthy, bouncy, and GLOWING for the Holiday season.

Let's start with our top 10 favorite products that are all worth the while, and can fit in the stocking stuffer or act as the main character this Holiday season.


of 10 The Lip Scrub

This hydrating, scrub-a-licious lip polish is the perfect Holiday gift, especially for anyone who plans to steal a smooch under the mistletoe.

This lip polish hydrates and gently scrubs away any dryness and flaking skin while adding moisture. With shea butter

and jobaba oil, this is the perfect gift to give your loved one that will make their lips soft, hydrated, and revitalized.


of 10 Foot Mask

No one wants to have rough, dry feet during the cooler months. Adding a foot mask to a stocking stuffer is a gift that no one asks for but is very handy....or footy!

This foot mask is easy and straightforward to use. It is infused with coconut oil to give the toes and heels of your feet up to 8 hours of hydration. Throw it on with a comfy robe and instantly feel the coolness and hydration while sipping hot chocolate.


of 10 Candle:

Shhh....this is a top-tier favorite gift to give to ANYONE...literally ANYONE. If you're meeting his or her parents for the first time, visiting a friend, or if you need a gift for Secret Santa.

Love N' Honey candles are a touch of sweetness and delicateness. Trust us we know! Each candle has its own unique scent for a room-filling smell (no matter how big or small the room is). Give their Self-Care Sunday an extra flare.


of 10 Skin Fridge:

For any skincare, makeup, snacks, and drink lover! I mean who wouldn't want to wake up to a nice cold sheet mask and matcha to help with inflammation and brighten the skin? A skin fridge is a gift that's versatile and incredibly useful.

After reviewing a ton of personal mini-fridges, Chefman's was the best option. This fridge is portable (can take it anywhere, school, home, or office), it gets cool and warm, and it has enough space for all skincare needs...especially ice globes.


of 10 Serum:

Maybe not the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking of a Christmas gift but don't be surprised. A facial serum, especially one that is infused with everything your skin needs to GLOW!

The B3 No Filter Serum is a custom, hand-made serum created by a licensed esthetician, Brandi. This serum is great for all skin types and skin concerns. It helps with hydration, aging, dullness, acne, hyperpigmentation, and texture.


of 10 Lash Fan:

Wait...I know what you're thinking....this looks like a fan for your face to use when you're hot. You're right! However, it is perfect for drying your lash extensions after washing them or getting them wet.

This portable, battery-operated handheld fan is so useful when it comes to making sure your lash extensions keep their retention and it also makes cleaning your lashes so much more convenient. If his or her love language is an act of service...this is it!


of 10 Makeup Bag:

Not just any cosmetic bag....a Prada cosmetic bag! I mean this is the gift that keeps on giving. First, it's PRADA! Second, it's a cosmetic bag-Third, IT'S PRADA!

This Prada Nylon Cosmetic Bag is a cosmetic bag for anyone. It's small enough to fit in your purse and fit all of her face essentials; lash brushes, lip gloss, SPF, and face powder. Don't walk.....SPRINT to get this!


of 10 Bedding:

Growing up my parents always gifted me with a new sheet set for's one of those things that you don't buy often but always feels so good when you get a new clean, cozy bedspread...and this one is a top-tier.

The eucalyptus sheet set from Sheets & Giggles is one of the most innovative and comfortable sheet sets to date. The eucalyptus set is softer than most other fabrics, can control temperature, is hypoallergenic, and it's sustainable. Worth every penny!


of 10 Men Grooming:

Let's be clear, men need self-care too. And instead of him dipping in your expensive skin care him his own, specifically for him.

Urban Skin Rx is one of the best result-driven skincare lines I ever used and honestly, I love how versatile they are. They have a line for men that helps with all of their concerns like ingrown hairs, dry skin, and scarring. I promise you he'll love it!


of 10 Vanity Mirror

Not to toot my own horn but....who wouldn't want a large vanity mirror with shining light bulbs around to give the best lighting for any selfie or makeup application? I just purchased one last month and it is the best thing ever.

Wayfair has over 2 dozen types of vanity mirrors, this one was my favorite! The size fit right on my dresser. You can't go wrong with this shining mirror.


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