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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Tis’ the season for love and appreciation. Valentine’s Day, even though it may be a made-up Holiday still brings lightness and joy to people all over the world. Now we know you do not need one day to celebrate LOVE but February 14th does a little more than that, it makes your loved ones feel appreciated and thought of. And even though a kiss and hug may be just enough for some of us- there’s no reason why you can’t show your love through gift-giving or acts of service (my top 2 love languages). These guides below are great for him or her and even for Galentine's Day. Follow this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide to show your special someone you love them.

Similar to a body massage this service from Glow Goals Luxury Spa takes on a new meaning of body care. Perfect for him or her-start the service with a full body exfoliation with gentle shea butter beads to remove any dead skin and reveal soft, radiant skin. And then proceed with a full body oil treatment to nourish and hydrate the skin. Add on hot stones and a foot mask for the ultimate 60-minute service.

Want to take a load off your beau? Book her lash extension set. If you’re not sure what settings to book for her, give us a call and we can walk you through the sets and allow her to customize them when she comes in. Im sure once she’s finished you won’t be able to stop looking into her eyes. She’ll be giving you googly eyes all night at dinner.

I’ll speak for most women when I say we love gifts that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. But the best part is that ladies you can purchase one for him too. A satin pillowcase has so many benefits that include better sleep, less frizzy hair, breathable fabric, and most importantly prevents dry and irritated skin. This is a great gift to add as a plus one to your gift bag for your beau.

There is nothing better than a facial nap. The low light room, warm bed, soft music, and an esthetician that caters to your skin needs- there’s almost no way you won’t fall asleep. Not only is a facial a calming and relaxing experience- it will work on any skin concerns and conditions your bae may have. You can also upgrade the facial with a 24k under-eye mask, a hydrating lip mask, or even a foot mask to add additional relaxation and results.

Most of us heard of the workout for your face- I love how we get to incorporate these new tools and devices into our skincare routine to work smarter, not harder. These tools and devices give us an advantage that sometimes ingredients cant. They are also noninvasive enhancements that can help with amazing results. The massaging beauty tool is my favorite because of the kneading benefits- I can put it in the fridge overnight and get amazing results for non-inflammatory or aging skin.

I don’t think this needs much explanation but a gift card is still a great way to show your love and a gift card from Glow Goals Luxury Spa is one of the best features because you can let your loved one choose what service, products, or both that they are interested in. Gift cards work for any service and any product and do not expire until a year later. So he or she can get a good amount of GLOW for Vday.

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