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What is Brow Lamination? Should You Get It?

Brow Lamination is a non-invasive procedure that includes perming the eyebrow hairs so that they are able to be manipulated into various shapes, and appear fuller, polished, and put together. This treatment helps to tame wild and curly brows but also hold the shape. Typically, this service is paired with a tint to give the brows a fuller look.

I typically recommend the service for anyone who has very thin and sparse brows so that brows can appear a lot fuller and also for anyone with very curly hair, or anyone that just wants a dynamic brow without much work in the mornings.

The brow lamination service is a fun way to change your brow shape without damage or permanent results like mircorblading and microshading..

Brow Lamination Process

Before beginning your brow lamination process we make sure that you have no contradictions to the perming solution. Contradictions include anyone with very sensitive skin, psoriasis or eczema, or someone that is pregnant or nursing. After we confirm you do not have any of these we begin with the process.

The process begins with us washing your brows to remove any dirt or oil and dry the brow hairs so that the perming solution applies evenly. Then I apply the lamination glue to make sure the brows stay in an upward shape. After the glue dries I apply the perming solution that will soften the brow hairs for easier manipulation, this typically sits on the brows for up to 10 minutes. Then the fixing cream is applied to the brow hairs so that the brows stay in place and have luster.

The next step can get fun because we can do a brow tint and elevate the brow with shaping or we can just add the nourishing cream to lock in the lamination and off you go to GLOW.

Brow Lamination AfterCare

I believe that one of the reasons this service is so popular is because of its low maintenance. We suggest not putting any oils on your brows because oil can revert the perming process. Also, don’t get them wet for at least 24 hours (so YES! You can wash your face-just wash around the brows) Lastly, try not to touch them, the longer you leave them alone- the longer the retention.

How Long Does Lamination Last?

Like many procedures, the retention of lamination varies from person to person. On thinner, uneven, more sparse brows the hairs may revert within three weeks to a month. On hairy and thick brows the lamination can last a little longer. I typically see results lasting between 30 and 90 days.

Because it is a chemical process, we don’t recommend getting the procedure for at least 6 weeks so that we can keep the integrity of the brow hairs.

Watch this before and after and Book your appointment Now!

This is a great service that allows you to get up and GLOW✨✨✨

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