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Reusable Charcoal Soft Facial Rounds - 7pk

Reusable Charcoal Soft Facial Rounds - 7pk

A reusable, sustainable way to remove your makeup, especially dark eyeliners and mascaras. Apply your favorite makeup remover to a clean facial round and gently swipe across the skin. This pack of 7 reusable charcoal facial rounds is perfect for a week of use! Soft as a cloud.

  • Benefits

    • Comes with a machine washable bag so that your facial rounds never get lost in the wash
    • Soft yet durable charcoal, bamboo and cotton material
    • Dark color hides any potential stains from mascara or dark makeup
    • Great for everyday use
  • How To Wash

    For best results, once the rounds have been used, soak them in warm water for 5-10 minutes. Place the rounds in the machine-washable pouch, close the bag and wash in hot water. Tumble dry on the lowest setting or let the rounds lay flat to air dry.

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